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This partnership was initiated through the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership, launched in 2008 and developed for the purpose of securing economic, social and environmental sustainability of cocoa farmers in Ghana. Since its implementation, the partnership has contributed to improving the lives of cocoa communities in over 41 communities in Ghana. In particular, the projects geared towards community and farm development as well as youth and women’s empowerment, have had considerable impact. These projects have been realized with the help of CARE (2008-2017), Agro Eco (2018) and the United Nations Development Program (2014).

Since 2012, the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership has evolved into a wide-reaching Cocoa Life project, which aims to ensure a sustainable future for chocolate in six key cocoa-growing origins, including Ghana. As part of the Cocoa Life program, Mondelēz pays a premium to the cooperative, which is then used to sponsor community projects, farm inputs and provide cash bonuses for farmers.

Tony’s Chocolonely

Since 2019, 26 communities of our cooperative are partners with Tony’s Chocolonely. Through this partnership, Tony’s aims to support the cooperative through upholding their five sourcing principles: buying traceable Fairtrade cocoa beans, establishing long term relationships with producers, paying a higher price to farmers, professionalizing and building entrepreneurial cooperatives and farmers, as well as increasing productivity and quality. In addition, with support from the International Cocoa Initiative and Fairtrade Africa, Tony’s Chocolonely implements Child Labor Monitoring and Remediation Systems (CLMRS) in its partner communities to prevent and eradicate child labor in the cocoa value chain.

Fairtrade Africa

Since 2012, the cooperative has partnered with Fairtrade Africa to ensure continuous improvement, empowering producers through trainings and involving producers in decision making as well as ensuring fairness in trade for producers, creating a network to connect producers to buyer across the globe. Fairtrade Africa is currently undertaking three projects in all the 67 communities of the cooperative related to child rights and protection in cocoa growing communities in Ghana.

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