About Us

Our Vision

Socio-economic freedom for our members

Our Mission

Boosting socio-economic development by bridging the living income gap for our members

In order to better farmers’ living conditions and income—and ultimately achieve our mission and vision—we provide various trainings as well as technical and financial support to our members.

Our union consists of 75 cooperative communities in the Asunafo North municipality, located in the Ahafo region of Ghana. There are a total of 9,547 members—where the average median age is 40, though an increasing number (currently 1,945) are below 35—with over 19,052 farms. In line with our mission to improve women’s economic empowerment, over 46% of our members are female. What is more, women play a pivotal role in the decision-making processes of our cooperative, as they make up a third of the Board of Asuanfo Cocoa Farmers. As we continue to grow, we aim to increase the participation of women in all functions of the cooperative.

In total, the farming land covers 17450.4 hectares, averaging 1.2 hectares per member. The total volume of cocoa beans produced amounts to 16024MT, averaging 800kg per hectare. Of the total volume 30% is sold as Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance, the rest is sold as conventional.

Our main customers are Mondelēz International and Tony’s Chocolonely, who both have rigorous cocoa sustainability programs. Since 2010, Mondelēz has been buying our cocoa under its’ Cocoa Life program, aiming to help farmers become more productive and increase their earnings, empower cocoa communities and conserve and restore forests. Similarly, since 2019, Tony’s Chcolonely has been buying our Fairtrade beans, while also implementing their five sourcing principles—traceable cocoa beans, higher price, strong farmers, the long-term, and improved quality and productivity—to support a 100% slave-free chocolate industry and empower farmers.

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